When I started nursing our pre term, 3 pound baby, I first tried with the ordinary nursing pillows. This was difficult as the baby nearly disappeared into these pillows since they were much too soft. Then I discovered that there was a special nursing pillow that was used in turn by the other mothers in the ward. The demand for this pillow was so high that it required a booking scheme to serve all the users. This nursing pillow was the COZYfix!

The main advantage with COZYfix compared to the other models is that it can be strapped to mother’s body. Thus, the baby will not slip between the pillow and my body. It is also firmer and steadier than the ordinary pillows which facilitates positioning the baby onto the breast. The steadier pillow also makes me relax and fully focus on the nursing. The COZYfix is hereby strongly recommended!

Marianne Frilseth

This nursing pillow has a diversity of qualities. The fact that it is strapped on, makes it easy to maintain correct nursing position both for mother and baby. It will therefore be a valuable tool for all nursing mothers. In particular if one has problems establishing a satisfactory nursing session for both mother and child.

Statement from physiotherapist