COZYfix Nursing Pillow

  • Gives proper support for mother’s arms. Mother avoids strained neck muscles.
  • Correct baby position minimises sore nipples.
  • Has a firm strap with a silent buckle to go around mother’s waist. The baby will not slip between mother’s tummy and the Nursing Pillow.
  • Consists of air-mesh fabric where the pillow is in contact with mother’s body. Air-mesh absorbe sweat.
  • Has been tested at one of Norway’s most reputable hospitals for more than two years. Nursing instructors have contributed important suggestions.
  • Has been thoroughly analysed by childrens physiotherapists.
  • Is narrower than other nursing pillows to maintain close contact between mother and child during nursing.
  • Easy to bring along in a stroller.
  • Our supplier guarantees that the fabrics used in the COZYfix Nursing Pillow are free from chemicals harmful to children.