About us

I got the idea for the COZYfix Nursing Pillow when I had some difficulties nursing my own newborn. Supported by the nursing experts in the hospital, I managed, but the result was still not perfect.

To nurse a baby, pre term or full term, can be a great challenge for some mothers, even if guided by professional nursing instructors. The sucking ability of a pre term baby is weaker than that of a full term, and it was difficult to hold the baby in a proper position while keeping the breast to its mouth. I had cramps in the cap muscle and arm strain from the statically cramped nursing position. The baby could not properly grip the nipple, and the breasts became sore and achy. I tried numerous brands of nursing pillows to improve the conditions, but in vain. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?

I have worked as a product developer in a shoe factory during eight years, and from this experience the COZYfix Nursing Pillow design emerged. Other professionals have also participated in the design process to give you, the consumer, a superior product. The COZYfix Nursing Pillow design is based on professional knowledge on optimal nursing positions. When the baby is growing, the pillow itself may be removed, and the child can rest comfortably on a velvet/corduroy covered latex support. COZYfix has been tested in hospitals for more than two years. The responses are very positive. They are very satisfied with the nursing pillow and use it daily in the maternity wards. Physioterapists, some specializing in treating small children, have made valuable contributions regarding the heigth of the pillow to maintain the mother’s correct nursing posture. The fabric facing the mother’s body is of the air mesh type to facilitate good air circulation. On the top, we have selected a soft velvet to protect the baby’s delicate skin. The latex support is shaped to fit most persons. Mothers nurse their children up to 8 – 10 times a day. COZYfix Nursing Pillow will help reducing the strain on the mother’s body to minimise strain injuries. Mother’s will have less stressful days with more positive energy to care for her newborn. COZYfix wants to make high quality products with a functional and aesthetically appealing design.


We owe our children environmentally friendly and clean products. Our supplier guarantees that the fabrics used in the COZYfix Nursing Pillow are free from chemicals harmful to children. We set high standards for our products, so that you can have high expectations to us as a supplier of childrens gear. Newborns have sensitive skin and respiratory tracts. There are regulations regarding clothing to be worn against the skin to avoid discomfort and injuries. Health, Environment and Safety are our primary concern.

Choose COZYfix Nursing Pillow for the safety of your baby

Please do not dispose of the COZYfix Nursing Pillow when it is no longer needed for nursing. It is designed for re-use and the quality is so high that it can be used by multiple generations. Grandmothers knitting can also benefit from the COZYfix to unload their arms. People with muscle ailments can also use it in many cases. Think Environment and Re-use to help our babies face a brighter future.