Nursing Harmony

We at Cozyfix AS have designed a nursing pillow to facilitate a harmonious nursing setting without significant problems of positioning the baby. The Cozyfix Nursing Pillow is a great aid to optimise the nursing position. When mother is relaxed, this influences the baby. If mother cannot find the correct position, the baby may get restless. This can disturb proper feeding.

Enjoy Air Travel with the Baby

Most mothers have had unpleasant experiences when the baby is restless and wanting during a flight. Fellow passengers are often annoyed if they are seated beside restless babies. When a baby is crying during the flight, this is often due to ear pain caused by the pressure variations during ascent and decent.

How can this situation be improved for baby?

If baby is nursed under such circumstances, the inner ear pressure and thus the resulting ear pain can be relieved because the baby is swallowing regularly. Babies normally get sleepy after a meal, and with the Cozyfix Nursing Pillow, baby can rest or sleep without straining the mother’s arms. Using the Cozyfix Nursing Pillow will improve the feeding session for both mother and baby.

Cozyfix is designed for user friendliness during air as well as train or bus travel. On a flight, you receive a special baby seat belt that is fastened around the baby. This baby seat belt is then fastened to the mother’s seat belt. Baby can then rest comfortably on the nursing pillow. Baby and mother can relax and feedback from nursing mothers confirm that the Cozyfix Nursing Pillow really reduce the strain of travelling. After the nursing, baby can be kept sitting upright on the nursing pillow. This gives baby a more stimulating view of the surroundings and he or she will more often stay calm.

Dad feeds the bottle

Dad often wishes to participate in the feeding of the baby in order to bond and to relieve mom, both day and night. Cozyfix nursing pillow can be used by both parents to reduce strain in the arms and the neck.